The Student Undergraduate Research Council meets to discuss and promote the involvement of undergraduates in the ongoing activities of the UCF research community.

Michelle Gaynor

Current Project: Restoration Genetics of Smoothcord Grass
Mentor: Dr. Eric Hoffman
Department: Biology

Amber Goerner

Current Project: Psychology of Development and Decision Making
Mentor: Dr. Nicole Lighthall
Department: Psychology

Patrick Healy

Current Project: Mobile Health Applications
Mentor: Dr. Victoria Loerzel
Department: Nursing

Rebecca McLean

Current Project: Algae’s Use as a Biofuel
Mentor: Dr. Woo Hyoung Lee
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Arnaldo Perez-Negron

Current Project: Investigating Depression among Puerto Ricans
Mentor: Dr. Fernando Rivera
Department: Sociology

Aaron Santomauro

Current Project: Compressive and Tensile Strength of PLA
Mentor: Dr. Ali Gordon
Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ariella Saslafsky

Current Project: Understanding a Virus for Tumor Therapy
Mentor: Dr. Griffith Parks
Department: Biomedical Sciences

Leslie Simms

Current Project: Surgical Robotics
Mentor: Dr. Sang-Eun Song
Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Felix Sosa

Current Project: Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science
Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Stanley
Department: Computer Science

George Walters-Marrah

Current Project: Mycobacteria Virulence Mechanisms
Mentor: Dr. Kyle Rohde
Department: Biomedical Sciences

2017-2018 Undergraduate Research Council

Ahlam Al-Rawi
Morgan Bauer
Joseph Brennan
Ratna Chakrabarti
Matt Chin
Latarsha Chisholm
Jonathan Cox
Melissa Dagley
Edward Dandrow
Damian Dechev
Seth Elsheimer
Nessette Fau
Kimberly Finley
Stephen Florczyk
Emily Flositz
Denise Gammonley
Martha Garcia
Nora Lee Garcia
Enrique Guerra
Debbie Hahs-Vaughn
Maria Harrington
Richard Harrison
Florencio Hernandez
Robert Jones
Joo Kim
Lanlan Kuang
Stephen Kuebler
Aubrey Kuperman
Zholey Martinez
Matthew Matusiak
Mike McFadden
Abby Milon
Vicki Montoya
Liqiang Ni
Christopher Niess
Marisol Ortega-Perez
Enrique Ortiz
Laurie Pinkert
Jonathan Powell
Tison Pugh
Andrew Randall
Debra Reinhart
Maria Reyes
Manuel Rivera
LeeAnn Roberts
Joshua Roney
Angela Rounsaville
Bridget Rubenking
Swadeshmukul Santra
Kimberly Schneider
Jason Smith
Colleen Smith
Kenneth Teter
Natalia Toro
Jacqueline Towson
John Venecek
Peter Wallace
Linda Walters
Ze Wang
Lei Wei
Brittny Wells
Chia-Yuan Yu