The Student Undergraduate Research Council meets to discuss and promote the involvement of undergraduates in the ongoing activities of the UCF research community.

Yaser Ahmad

Current Project: Trisomy 21 and the Brain
Mentor: Dr. John Starbuck
Department: Anthropology

Lianne Brito

Current Project: Seismic Performance Analysis for Seat-Type Abutment
Mentor: Dr. Kevin Mackie
Department: Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering

Kennedy Harkins

Current Project: Rhetoric During the Revolutionary War
Mentor: Dr. Mark Kamrath
Department: English

Andrew Hutchens

Current Project: Economic Effects of Environmental Policy
Mentor: Dr. David Scrogin
Department: Economics

Harper Norris

Current Project: Byzantine Diplomatic Relations
Mentor: Dr. Duncan Hardy
Department: History

Bianca Olivieri

Current Project: Drug Detection in Adulterated Screenings
Mentor: Dr. Candice Bridge
Department: Chemistry

Jeremy Piacente

Current Project: Clean Meat Media Development
Mentor: Dr. Kiminobu Sugaya
Department: Biomedical Sciences

Ariella Saslafsky

Current Project: Computational Biology Analysis of Microbes
Mentor: Dr. Shibu Yooseph
Department: Computer Science

Amy Schwandes

Current Project: Electrocatalysis of Nitrogen to Ammonia
Mentor: Dr. Xiaofeng Feng
Department: Physics

Ryan Skelly

Current Project: Analyzing the Microbiome using High-throughput Sequencing
Mentor: Dr. Amy Cole
Department: Biomedical Sciences

Emily Vernet

Current Project: College Students and Healthcare
Mentor: Dr. Melanie Hinojosa
Department: Sociology

Bridget Vincent

Current Project: Population Genetics of Croaker Fish
Mentor: Dr. Eric Hoffman
Department: Biology

Ahlam Al-Rawi
Morgan Bauer
Lin Boldt
Joseph Brennan
Ratna Chakrabarti
Matt Chin
Padmini Coopamah Waldron
Jonathan Cox
Melissa Dagley
Edward Dandrow
Damian Dechev
Karen Ehrhart
Seth Elsheimer
Alecia Eubanks
Nessette Falu
Kimberly Finley
Stephen Florczyk
Emily Flositz
XiaoXiao Fu
Meghan Gabriel
Martha Garcia
Nora Lee Garcia
Enrique Guerra
Debbie Hahs-Vaughn
Maria Harrington
Richard Harrison
Florencio Hernandez
Robert Jones
Joo Kim
Lanlan Kuang
Stephen Kuebler
Aubrey Kuperman
Hansen Mansy
Matthew Matusiak
Abby Milon
David Mitchell
Vicki Montoya
Liqiang Ni
Christopher Niess
Enrique Ortiz
Jonathan Powell
Tison Pugh
Andrew Randall
Debra Reinhart
Manuel Rivera
LeeAnn Roberts
Joshua Roney
Michael Rovito
Swadeshmukul Santra
Kimberly Schneider
Jason Smith
Kenneth Teter
Natalia Toro
Jacqueline Towson
Mary Tripp
Anna Valdes
John Venecek
Peter Wallace
Linda Walters
Lei Wei
Tracy Wharton