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What UCF Undergraduate Researchers are Achieving

UCF students engaging in undergraduate research have presented at national and international conferences, published in prestigious journals, and received many accolades and honors. Review recent accomplishments below. For a full list, please contact


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Name: Jonathan Nesper
Faculty Advisor: Michael Chini
Grant/Award Date: 2016-09-26
Grant/Award Title: OUR-Undergraduate Travel Grant

Name: Jonathan Nesper
Faculty Advisor: Michael Chini
Grant/Award Date: 2016-04-28
Grant/Award Title: OUR-Undergraduate Research Grant

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Undergraduate authors are denoted by a highlight.


Authors: Jennifer E. Purcell , Giacomo Milisenda , Aldo Rizzo , Steven A. Carrion , Serena Zampardi , Sabina Airoldi , Giacomo Zagami , Letterio Guglielmo , Ferdinando Boero , Thomas K. Doyle , Stefano Piraino ,
Article Title: Digestion and predation rates of zooplankton by the pleustonic hydrozoan Velella velella and widespread blooms in 2013 and 2014
Journal Title: Journal of Plankton Research
Article Issue/Vol: Advance Access
Page Numbers: 0

Authors: Kevin Gleason , Shawn A. Putnam ,
Article Title: Microdroplet Evaporation with a Forced Pinned Contact Line
Journal Title: Langmuir
Article Issue/Vol: 34/30
Page Numbers: 10548–10555

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Student Presenter: Kendra Castleberry
Co-presenters: None
Faculty Mentor: Amy Donley
Presentation Title: The Percieved Impact of Colorism
Conference Name: Southern Sociological Society
Conference Date: March 30, 2017

Student Presenter: Lauren Daniel
Co-presenters: None
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amy Donley
Presentation Title: #Suicide: A Content Analysis of Suicide-Themed Posts on Instagram
Conference Name: Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting
Conference Date: 3/1/2017

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