Make an Appointment

Our peer mentors are available to help with any undergraduate research questions. Peer mentoring sessions cover everything from getting started in undergraduate research to current researcher needs such as grants, presenting and publishing. All Peer Mentoring Appointments for OUR will be made through myKnightSTAR. Follow the directions below to make your appointment.

Transfer Students:

Transfer student focused peer mentoring appointments are available on Wednesdays from 9 – 11 a.m. 

Accessing myKnightSTAR

1. Log in to your myUCF account using your NID and NID password. 

2. Select Student Self Services

3. Select myKnightSTAR at the bottom of the drop down under Student Self Services

4. Click on the blue Get Assistance Button to begin scheduling your appointment

Selecting an Appointment

Once on the Get Assistance page, select:

  1. Advising as the type of appointment
  2. Undergraduate Research as the reason why you want to see someone
  3. OUR Peer Mentoring as the service
  4. Click next


One the next page, select:

  1. iACE as the location
  2. Any Staff to see all availability 
  3. Click next

Viewing and Selecting Appointment Time

  1. Using the calendar, select the preferred date and time of day (morning or afternoon)
  2. Then, select the specific time slot for the appointment
  3. Click next

Confirm Appointment

Once you confirm your appointment, you are good to go. We look forward to talking to your at your Peer Mentoring session!

If you have any questions or issues making a peer mentoring appointment, email