Programs with Course Credit

Directed Independent Research (4912)

About this Course

This course is for students who are working closely with a faculty member on a research project. The course can be taken for 1-3 credits, and carries the same tuition costs and impacts students’ GPA like any other course.

How to sign up

Enrollment in 4912 is handled differently by each department and college. Please contact your academic advisor and/or faculty mentor for more details.

Questions? OUR may be able to point you in the right direction, so feel free to contact us.

The Zero Credit Option

Students may also choose to take 4912 for zero credits; the course will show up on the front of their transcript like any other course, but it will not be included in their GPA and they will not be charged tuition (as long as they are concurrently enrolled in another course for credit). See more information here.

Honors Undergraduate Thesis Program

HUT is an undergraduate research program that provides eligible students from all majors the opportunity to engage in independent and original research. It is modeled after the Master’s degree level thesis, in which students develop their own research question, conduct research, and then write and defend their thesis with the help of a faculty committee.

This program requires that students enroll in at least two courses: Directed Readings I (4903H) and Thesis I (4970H). Students have the option to enroll for up to four semesters. Upon successful completion of the program, students earn the Honors in the  Major distinction on their diplomas and transcripts.

Note: These courses typically count as upper-division electives, but make sure to consult your degree plan and catalog. For more information about this program, visit  The Burnett Honors College.